Security Guarding

Static Security Guarding

Static guards operate on client premises and undertake predetermined and regular patrols of the premises, both inside and outside, checking windows and doors. All our Security Officers hold a PSA approved license.

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, logging all activities.

Our static security personnel operate to a comprehensive list of assignment instructions, which we draft and get approval from the client first.

Safeguard Security

Checkpoint clocking

Guards record their patrol checks on our computerised Checkpoint clocking system, which comprises clocking monitors that we place at the number of points around the client's premises

Safeguard Security

Data Monitoring

This system monitors data, which outlines dates, times and locations of each security check. This data can then be downloaded and presented to the clients in report format. This enables clients to monitor the service they are receiving

Safeguard Security

Client Examples

We provide comprehensive static guarding and patrol services for a number of client types, including

  • Retail Outlets
  • Shopping Centres
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Public Buildings
  • Construction Sites

Mobile Security Patrols/Spot Checks

Safeguard Security Mobile Patrols offer a cost effective alternative to static guarding, where a continuous presence is deemed unnecessary.

This is an affordable service to cover the security of your vacant/occupied premises whether you are there or not. We can check your premises internally, externally, nightly, weekly, weekends or monthly. You Decide.

This service is available 365 days a year


  • Your staff’s safety can be monitored when working late

  • Cost effective alternative to full time security guard

  • Mobile Patrol Service is ideal for the prevention or early detection of crime or vandalism

  • Business systems can be checked out of normal business hours such as temperature, integrated fire safety systems

  • The business can be monitored for any faults or potential damage from fire or flooding

  • All visits are recorded on a checkpoint system and reports are provided for verification of visits directly emailed/posted to your office

Safeguard Security

Well-equipped Teams

We have well-equipped and uniformed teams with a modern fleet of high visibility vehicles that make random security patrols of client's premises/sites (business and residential), through the night and at weekends - this ensure the security of all doors, gates and windows.

They clock onto a system of Checkpoint monitors, which we place at a series of predetermined points on client sites or premises.

Safeguard Security

Checkpoint Monitors

Checkpoint monitors can be located at a number of positions on a client's premises or grounds.

This monitors any activity and reports data which outlines dates, times and locations of security checks, these can be downloaded and presented to clients in report format.

Safeguard Security

Residential Clients

We also provide mobile security checks for residential clients who may wish to engage extra security while they are away from home on holidays or business.

Security Liaison Personnel

Safeguard Security

Placed at entrance/exit of client grounds or premises our security liaison personnel receive specific training in dealing with staff and other people visiting a premises.

They will record all visitors and deliveries made to the premises or site. Often dealing with a wide range of visitors and staff, Safeguard Security liaison personnel are trained with particular emphasis on multi-tasking and people skills. Great care is taken during assignment specific training to ensure they can respond to any situation that may arise.

Training includes conflict management and early recognition of hostility to calm and defuse situations. We also provide a premises/site opening and closing service.